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Matt Zaske

University of Minnesota
Developer/Fleet Admin
I have over 25 years of broad IT experience including fleet/desktop systems management (Windows and Mac), server administration (Linux and Windows), and web/native applications architecture and development. Theatre nerd, mustache aficionado, storyteller, technology grief counselor, governance/process geek, diplomat, father of two, and jack of many trades.

My last ten+ years have been spent in higher education within the University of Minnesota system. I manage a system campus workstation and server fleet as a consumer of/in partnership with our system-wide IT service offerings ("not a ConfigMan admin, but play one on TV"). I am also a Windows and Linux server administrator and automation engineer for data transport and business operations between enterprise services and tertiary systems and/or end users.

On the side I like to fiddle with code and periodically Make Things. On Github (github.com/zaskem) I have source for my novelty Twitter bots and Slack weather bot. I also enjoy evangelizing Certbot for the automation of SSL certificates. When I'm not doing any of those things (or regular family/life stuff), I also serve as the president of a local community theatre organization.

At the office I try to lead the change to a more DevOps based mindset. "Automate All The Things," "Fail Often, Recover Quickly," or even "Hey, Could We At Least Script This Out?" are things I might be overheard sputtering.

Lastly, I am the creator of the Twitter MMSMOA Retweet Bot (@mmsmoabot), which seemed like something fun and frivolous to make in advance of MMS 2022! I would love to talk about it and/or share a bot sticker with you!